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City Reflection


For me, painting came from a desire to express something I struggled to find the words for and although not every piece is born from this desire each piece is created with emotion.

The inspiration for most of my pieces come from three main areas, Travel, Nature & Space.​

Some of the pieces cross over more that one of these areas.

I also have a real fondness for metallic paints and try to squeeze them in if possible.

Below are a few pieces that mean something special to me.


Pollock-esk & one of my earliest pieces. This painting started out with something else in mind and over time and many layers built up to something that is far beyond the splatter

This now lives with a new owner in The Hague


Ganymede - Named the largest and most massive moon of Jupiter and in the Solar System.

I love to paint like this as you never know how the final piece will look until the paint has dried


Named after a great man who will be dearly missed.

What else could I paint as a tribute to the great Stephen Hawking, only the deepest parts of space

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